1st Stop on Delta 1st Huell Howser Memorial Bay Area Backroads Adventure
which also coincided with my birthday, 4-7-13 (I’m very young, just born).

There used to be boats that would take you up and and thru the Delta tour  as Howser took on one episode of his program, California’s Gold. We’ve tried to recreate that trip, which can still be done by car. Follow along, beginning on hwy 12 at RioVista and ending in Freedon, outside Sacramento. Roughly two hours, depending hou much you want to get out and look around. 

                           Rio Vista old STRIPER Restauant, entry to the Delta

                               Leaving Rio vista, approaching 1st of 2 Ferrys to cross Delta island
On the four passenger ferry
Getting off the ferry
Delta River Valley
Another Delta Ferry ride
Low hanging fruit and lots of nice shade trees
Passing by Isleton, another little historic town, known for its Crawdad festival
beginning the focal point of our Delta adventure
Home designed around lightouse, outside Locke
A row of older , unrestored houses/shops in Locke
WELCOME TO LOCKE … really the beginning of the best part

Al’s Wops Shop , Locke  Don’t ask…  Didn’t go inside to see if any abused Italians

Outside of Gambling House

Inside Chinese Gambling House, Locke CA

Quaint Part of Locke, Street  view of  active shops

Residents living in back
Unhappy Resident – signs say , basically to leave us alone

Locke Chinese Medicine Shop – Send people in morning

Quaint town of Courtland, ousite Locke, with Courhouse, of course
Still active ,  huge FISHERY and restaurant across street ,  near Locke

FREEDOM , CALIFORNIA, really part of Sacramento and our final stop… Great 1st Huell Howser Memorial Adventure.  Thanks Huell Howser for the inspiration and tips for this trip thru the Delta.