1. Lafayette Art and Wine Festival, 2017. group playing Frank Sinatra and other old classics, Lafayette Circle




2. Tucked away, hidden from humankind bethind homes are beautiful, lush wide open spaces (still!) with bikable and hikable paths in Lafayette, This trail we reached by taking St. Mary’s Road towards the college, turning right on  Lucille Ln. to the end and turn right to the next street and turning left to the end.  Go in the white gate, if open or climb over . Hike or bike up a short hill to the ridge,turn right and follow about three miles to top of Moraga Rd. near Skyview .to extend the hike or bike cross the road and continue on through the wood gate to the legit hiking trail which will take you another 1-2 miles to the heights of the Lafayette Resevoir where you can even hike further or to right to the exit to Mt. Diablo Blvd or double back.   Yes you may encounter a low fence or two but just adds to the backroads-esness pleasures!

The heavy rains have replenished a couple natural lakes which are now the pleasure of Canadian Geese and other wildlife.