Antioch Delta – El Campanil etc – Google Photos Antioch Delta – El Campanil etc – Google Photos


Old El Campnil Theater, still having live shows, like James Clark as Elvis this day 8-5-17

Nostalgic Tour of Old Antioch Riverfront, Surviving Idyllic Delta Oasis

Credit Antioch, one of the older Delta downs of Contra Costa County,  for preserving much of   town   as it was 50 or 75 years ago. No sleek ‘techy’ buildings  and concrete jungles here, just old roads and pastoral settings  largely unchanged from a slower, more peaceful time.  Escape the rat race by visiting the riverfront and Marina in Antioch Ca . CLICK HERE for directions to El Campanil and nearby Riverfront Delta (all within a half mile stretch)

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Riverview Lodge

See actual ‘Lodge’ , or, rather, restaurant and bar, still operating on Delta, in next picture –


riverfront lodge still active restaurant and bar  8-7-17, just behind El Campanile on the Delta


Back of Old Riverfront


Humphrey’s restaurant, no longer active but a reminder of good times and the infamous Delta whale who won the hearts of locals. Parked cars belong to  people visiting parklands and nearby boating dock


nearby scenic walking path starting near Humphrey


Dow Wetlands near Humphreys on the water

Antioch Marina sign and gardens with ‘art’ sculpture, below

Nearby nautical art


Beautiful shade trees near small Antioch Amtrack station


Dubious sign along Delta reminding us that all is not always beautiful


statue for the old cannery