HERITAGE EATS – Upscale Fast Food in Napa, perfect for taking out for a nice picnic / walk

During these Covid-19 lockdown days things are beginning to ease up, especially in places like Napa. Here’s a great way to spend a few hours or more… Napa is less than an hour from the Bay Area (CA) and has a wonderful chain of bucolic river/wine trails (not to mention reopening wineries) like you will find few other places.

For a perfect picnic and hike/bike,

take Hwy 29 North from the San Francisco Bay area and take the Trancas Rd. exit in the city of Napa. Take the first left and you will find a plethora of eateries/ places within a block to pick up your picnic- from Trader Joes to Whole Foods to Heritage Eats {just behind Whole Foods). Heritage Eats is a favorite – get the Banh Mi sandwich or shrimp salad along with a side of their outrageous fries or brussel sprouts. Continue with your for a half mile walk down Trancas until you get to the overpass at the Napa River. A wonderful 1 mile river trail begins on the right side of the street just before crossing on the overpass. Walk or bike it. The first several pictures below give you a glimpse of this ultimate destination where you can find a bench overlooking the river to have your lunch.

Napa River Trail 1 mile segment begins at Trancas Rd. and overpass.
Enjoy the river trail and stop for your picnic at any number of shady benches overlooking the river
Napa river trail
Very cozy trail continues… I’ll take one of those cabins along the river!
One mile later, you can either double back or continue on to the next stretch of River Trail -Get some help from Google or Duck Duck


You can either continue South where the Napa River Trail picks up (Google full ‘Napa River Trail’) or double back on Trancas and cross Hwy 29 to the Napa Vine Trail, below

Napa Vine Trail follow hwy 29 on the left going North from Trancas to Yountville – a nice 4 mile trek each way, suitable for walking or biking or even roller blading, as we have been known to do.
Perhaps a dinner destination beckons along the Vine Trail…
Napa Equine (& chicken?) Stables along Silverado Trail – another Napa trail , but not for walking but rather biking or driving.


Napa River Trail, Vine Trail, Sunol, East Bay Regional Parks. backgrounds
Tease for next time – Sunol Regional Park in Sunol , near Pleasanton CA. We call this park the Jewel of the East Bay Park System with its Yosemite Falls and Canyon View and other Trails. Refer elsewhere in this site for Sunol Regional Park or stay tune.
Wayward cow wandering parking lot of Sunol Regional park