Remember the old mustard festival years ago that was held in different places including copia in napa? Well, we were surprised and pleased to see that it was back-If not a bit under the radar- but we will help you find related venues.

l But before we get to Napa Let’s take a look at some different colors of mustard – Did you know? We didn’t until very recently That there was mustard other than yellow. That there was mustard other than yellow color.-in the Walnut creek shadelands area at corners of Lennon Lane and Shadelands. Note at least two other colors of mustard-white and bluish-pink. Now don’t tell us it’s not mustard- we’re not experts – But it sure looks like the same stuff as the yellow variety.

Visit Jessup Cellars Gallery in Yountville for some great mustard art (and wine tasting). This picture was taken by a High school student Who won 1st prize As part of the mustard celebration.

…and visit nearby historic Silverado Resort for more art as part of the Napa mustard celebration

Map of some of the better mustard fields, but for our money and time, just drive up Hwy 29, especially between Yountville and Calistoga and you can’t miss the yellowness.

Be sure also to drop by Jessel Gallery where local resident Beverly Wilson and others feature mustard like no other gallery and pick up a copy of Wilson’s commemorative poster (as below).

1019 Atlas Peak Road, Napa

you might meet Beverly, herself, painting her mustard and the gallery owner, Jessel Miller. Be sure to have her sign one or more of her sticaptivating mustard fantasy books, which capture the mystical and mythical feel of the Napa Valley while offering great wisdom and simple guidance to everyday living.

MUSTARD-Story and Paintings by Jessel Miller


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