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Within even a small area like Central Contra Costa, CA one can find a variety of different wildflowers depending on the Landscape conditions including height , sun exposure and location. Here, we feature , first, mostly mustard of the lower canal trail and then mostly Poppies of higher Lafayette Ridge as well as Mt. DIABLO and, just added CHINA CAMP, San Rafael (scroll to bottom)

Here along the Contra Costa canal trail just beyond Heather farms park in Walnut Creek We still found quite a bit of mustard dotting the trail landscape as we skated Towards Lime ridge and Concord.
… And not only traditional yellow mustard but multicolors including white and blue.
We were surprised to still see so much mustard as late as April as compared to Napa, less than an hour away, where the mustard is pretty much gone by April.
Hanging wisteria and perhaps yellow Honeycups(?) add to the spring splendor along the canal trail near Oak Grove Rd.
And more resplendent mustard as we near Lime Ridge
As we elevate We start losing the mustard but gain Poppies like this little cluster Among the water works
And a little bit more musterd as we dipped down in elevation
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And some new multicolored small wild flowers
and some lupens as We approached the tunnel
inside the trail tunnel
More wysteria and mustard come together as we approach walnut road.
Ducks enjoying the water as we run out of film, er, battery. No more mustard but some more Poppies were enjoyed in the final stages of our. 5 mile circular canal trail ride

10 minutes north west

Lafayette Ridge: A couple thousand feet of elevation we found very little mustard but Poppies popping up everywhere on Lafayette Ridge trail – Approach from Scout Road or Acalanes Staging Area.
With Mt. Diablo in background.
Lupens try to compete with poppies
Carpet of tiny blue flowers.
lush loads of lupens
Mt. DIABLO in distance
Lafayette Reservoir in distance
And more Poppies

panoramic shot

Delayed wildflowers this year due to colder winter but hard to predict per kqed forum feature>

Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls (and Wildflowers and Mushrooms) | KQED https://www.kqed.org/forum/2010101892772/lets-go-chasing-waterfalls-and-wildflowers

less common find: a whitish wildflower covers some hillsides on Mt. DIABLO
different exposure of mt. DIABLO wild flowers
and, as mentioned, more Poppies at higher elevations, here along Mt. DIABLO MAIN ROAD IN Walnut Creek
almost 1,000 feet up Mt. DIABLO On Walnut Creek side

Lupens are plentiful along lower ranges of Mt
DIABLO, HERE not far beyond Northgate entrance.
Lupen ‘bush’
…and Poppies never seem to be far from
LUPENS,apparently favoriting similar climate and elevations

A little side trip to BRIONES Eastbay Regional Park off Bear Creek Rd and some dazzling Lupens

China Camp , San Rafael

Not far from the famous Frank Lloyd Wright building in San Rafael. It’s just a hidden gem of a park called china camp.

We found some totally different wildflowers in the North-west Bay , China Camp area , to compared to the East Bay areas above. Can you help us name any of these beauties, other than the tried and true poppies

**Check out the I naturalist app –seek app -will tell name of plants per
Calif native plant society
Plus birds etc

Best places for Wildflowers ( we are told):

Briones, China camp, Diablo state park,
*Sunol Regional – little yosemite (and Waterfalls)
*Anderson valley, Marin
Pacifica Laurie Point trails- lupen set

Peninsula trust post guide

Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls (and Wildflowers and Mushrooms) | KQED >https://www.kqed.org/forum/2010101892772/lets-go-chasing-waterfalls-and-wildflowers

Beyond Bay Area:

West of patterson
Sonoma coast cordon trail near goat rock in jenner
Lands end SF
Fairfax cascades canyon
Sugarloaf ridge waterfall nr Kenwood and trails
Gunfire rock or ballasts man views

Santa Clara , San Bruno, edgewood, pulgas, alum rock

popular wildflowers:

Poppies- 13 species, lupens, goldenseal, white meadowfoam, fiddleneck, but fewer species than last year
Because cold winter held back some.

According to KQED forum program,Let’s Go Chasing Waterfalls (and Wildflowers,) above, the Bay Area is
One of few global areas that offers such Wildflowers and this year

*Anderson valley

Coming soon- wildflowers of Marin