TIKI TIMING – Who Says wildflowers and tiki don’t have something in common? In the midst of my Spring wildflower exploration obsession I came upon this beautiful original tiki garden of sorts.

Succulents and bamboo seem to dominate this 1965 home yard in Pinole, CA…
A friend invited us to his ‘new’ 1965 vintage home in Pinole, California which turned out to be a real original tiki palace- especially the yard where we met and sang as partnof our ‘traveling singalong group
Tiki Gods oversee the surroundings as they’ve done for many years


Last year it was mustard. This year seems to be lupines that dominate the wildflower landscape In northern california and environs. You never know what’s going to pop up from year to year. Due to the seasonal Weather and advisories of northern California. We are told this is 1 of the few places on the globe where one will see such an expanse of wildflowers
Lupinus, commonly known as lupinlupine,[note 1] or regionally bluebonnet etc., is a genus of plants in the legume family Fabaceae. The genus includes over 199 species, with centers of diversity in North and South America.[1] Smaller centers occur in North Africa and the Mediterranean.[1][2] They are widely cultivated, both as a food source and as ornamental plants, but are invasive to some areas.
These 5 photos or 6 photos come from. Upper Happy Valley road near the top where it connects to Bear Creek road nesr Briones and Lafayette, CA.. Within the small area can be found a lush trove of lupine. I cannot tell you which of the 199 species of lupine that these are.

NATIVE PLANTS are essentially wild flowers

Lafayette home features native plants as do many of us here

Backyard Bumper Beauties

Took some photos of the huge variety of this year’s bumper crop of Spring wildflowers just incase they eat them all and i have nothing to show

ANYBODY KNOW the names of these little wildflowers , purple and white (below)

Miner Grass