If you love pelicans like we do Can’t think of a better place to visit Than Prinston- by- the- sea, at Princeton and Broadway near Half Moon Bay, CA – a cozy corner
just around the corner from Half Moon Bay Brewery where you relax with a picnic as you while away a summer afternoon with hundreds of pelicans. And more- just down the road thousands more pelicans call home pileons at Pillar point fishing pier

Wildflowers are not just for spring they abound In Half moon Bay with the cooler temperatures. Here you get a 2fer -wild flowers and pelicans

Pull up a Pelican and a chair And a wildflower or two

Not far down the road. Pelicans make their home at pillar point and make their marks on the fishing pier

closeup at Pillar Point fishery- Pelican pileons-caption: ‘togetherness’ . We love them too

Another great place for a pit stop Is Fitzgerald preserve In another cozy neighborhood corner of town. You can even walk down to the beach and explore the organisms in the sand.

Wild flowers are everywhere Spring, summer, and fall. In this cool climate-59 Degrees to be exact On this July 26th day of 2023. That’s a full 30° cooler than when we left the East Bay this morning.

But if you want some real exotic Summer wildflowers There are only miles north Between Half Moon Bay and Pacifica. So exotic, they become a tourist. Attraction with folks getting out of cars to take pictures of the plants, with some life-sized plants.

When we say lifesize we mean lifesize

And yet another tourist stop -what the heck is it? Well, you get out of your car and go walk right up to it.

And what is this? Is it a Mirage Or a real retro bowling alley stuck on the side of a cliff. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean. And it looks like it’s still operational only we’re there during the day time. You’ve got to come back one evening.

wow! Get out the old bowling ball abd shoes!