No CABLE  CARS climbing halfway-   but many other great  views on this classic San Francisco Staircase tour climb near Filbert and Sansome

PART 1- Just getting started on the spectacular staircase Walk or climb to the stars, as we call it , in san francisco. Came upon this real tour at Darrell Lane But it gets much better as we begin our climb From filbert near sansome
PART 2-climbing …climbing..past Napier Lane and Marchant Grace Garden…continued to part 3
Part 3- San Francisco Staircase to the Stars Walk tour -almost to top with Coit Tower looming in fog. …haven’t counted the steps  but well in to the hundreds as we near the top on this  Chamber of Commerce day in SF, well
above the rat race below
Part 4- And now the coup de grace…San Francisco Staircase to the Stars Walk -Made It to the TOP- BEAUTIFUL! (part 4)… finally made it to top near Coit Tower- Beautiful views in rolling fog

NOW GO TO FILBERT near Sansome and check it out