NEW from Livermore – hotbed for Christmas Lights this is our favorite in Laser Light category. Rather simple appearing at first but with perfectly synched lights to music

Who Says Paris is the City of Lights?  U.S. and Bay Area Do Nice Job with Christmas Lights Multi-Media Experience

Another fine display of Christmas light pageantry, here   in Concord  For more info and directions google ‘Lights of the Valley.’

Now, let’s
Take a break from the lights with a recent music show, featuring premier if under-the-radar-group Los Straightjackets, performing here with Nick Lowe’s Christmas show at City Winery, Napa CA:


Bay Area Shines with Top Christmas Lights and Holiday Music Shows  

Pleasant Hill Christmas Light Show – Poets Corner featuring color colorful trees and falling leaves

  Two surf groups in three nights here with Meshugganah Beach Party performing here their annual Hanukah Hootenany at world famous Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, Alameda CA doing one of their signature songs, Havanagila on the last day of Hanukah 12/15 Note Santa sitting in making it a true ecumenical event – and a few Christmas tunes were included.  A few days earlier we saw the super surf group Los Straightjackets (above) performing holiday music  in Napa.